The three-year residency rule applies to certain developments in Gibraltar and confusion sometimes occurs when it comes to knowing who can and who cannot yet purchase these homes. These “restricted” developments are built on Government owned land and there is a strict criterion in place to determine who can and cannot purchase these types of properties on the re-sale market.

Also referred to as affordable housing, these properties were constructed to cater for residents of Gibraltar, offering a chance to get on the property ladder. Originally when sold by the Government, the criteria for eligibility would have included prospective purchasers’ having to have been on the waiting list for council housing, amongst other requirements.

Three years after owning their home, owners may choose to sell the apartments and normally a percentage of profits are paid back to Government. These can be sole used as a residence for the owner and cannot be used as a form of financial gain, therefore the letting out of these types of properties is strictly prohibited.

The build design of the Three-year residency housing developments is normally of good-quality, with the more recent builds having double-glazing as standard. The apartments tend to be simple layouts and usually include private allocated parking spaces. Amenities in these schemes are usually basic with most affording a type of play ground and some form of podium area which is shared. The leases as with most other leases in the private sector, start at 149 years and are owned by the Management Companies.

Eligibility is always case by case however the basic requirements are as following: 

  1. UK born resident: Eligible after living in Gibraltar for a consecutive period of three or more years – proof required includes utility bills and rental agreements or Deeds. 
  2. Gibraltar born resident: Eligible after proof is given that they have resided in a Gibraltar address for a consecutive period of one year or more

For all other cases or queries, we can put any clients in contact with a suitable solicitor or with the relevant Government Department so that they can review your own case.

Please see our website for all properties that we have for sale under “3 year residency” and contact us if you have any questions!


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