The Phoenix Real Estate agents’ team is headed by Luisandro Moreno, a local Gibraltarian.

Why are we called Phoenix Real Estate? In Greek mythology, the phoenix is a bird which rises from the ashes and obtains new life, thus achieving immortality.

In 2013, Luisandro battled with a life-threatening illness for five years which had a profound effect on him. He was inspired by the legendary animal and so named the company Phoenix to reflect his pivotal journey during those five years.

Luisandro Moreno honed his skills and built his large network of clients and property developers during a ten-year career at one of the world’s leading real estate agencies, where he had worked his way up to Director, starting from just a junior negotiator/admin. He was consistently the top salesperson of the Gibraltar branch.

In December 2018, he decided to set up his own venture in order to offer a more personalised and flexible service to his clients and thus, Phoenix Real Estate was born.

Luisandro is a local Gibraltarian with a genuine love for the area. He has directly managed over £80m of property deals, ranging from single unit homes to commercial and industrial spaces. Phoenix Real Estate is a preferred agent for all of the main developers in Gibraltar and Luisandro has also successfully brokered several regeneration and development projects.

He prides himself on his product knowledge, in-depth market insight and expert negotiation skills, which underpin his many years of success in the area.

Before he entered the real estate industry, he spent several years working in London, Greece and America as a professional model for top fashion houses and brands, alongside celebrities including David Beckham and Rafael

Nadal amongst others. Luisandro was also a certified personal trainer at one of the largest gym chains in the UK. His modelling and personal training careers revealed his natural talent in building long-lasting relationships with clients and an ability to understand their needs and challenges. His experiences have proved invaluable in the world of real estate, where he has found himself working closely with clients from all over the world.

Outside of work, Luisandro devotes his time to the other loves of his life: his two daughters, Shanelle and Isabella, the gym, surfing and fundraising for leukaemia and other cancer charities, a cause which is very close to his heart.

“Let us guide you home”