For many people, the decision to buy or rent a property in Gibraltar also comes with the decision to live in an apartment or ‘flat’ for the first time. While it is sometimes true that by taking the plunge you may miss some elements of split-level-living, here are some of the benefits of moving into an apartment in Gibraltar. 



One of the benefits of buying or renting in Gibraltar is that pretty much everywhere is within walking distance. That said, living a 40 minute walk away from your favourite cafe can start to grate once you’ve settled in. Lucky for you, most of Gibraltar’s existing and new residential developments are located in desirable central locations that are close to shops, supermarkets, restaurants and pretty much anything else you’d need meaning that you’ll depend less on your car, bike or public transport. 



While this really depends on your budget and where you choose to buy or rent your property, most of Gibraltar’s open market residential developments will come with attractive ‘extras’. These amenities can include a shared or private pool, access to leisure facilities like a gym or spa and landscaped areas. While it is true that a house can have all of the above, these can prove costly to install and maintain. 


Lower running costs

Apartments in Gibraltar vary in size, but on average, apartments do tend to be smaller than a split-level house. This means that you’re very likely to make savings on your utility bills including electricity and water as you’ll be consuming less. One thing to keep in mind is that apartments in Gibraltar usually come with a monthly service fee towards amenities like gym, landscaped gardens and a 24 hour concierge, lower bills can help offset these costs.


Secure and guaranteed parking

One cannot take a decision to buy or rent in Gibraltar without asking the question ‘Where will I park my car?’. While parking your car may not be an issue outside your current property, Gibraltar’s size means that roadside parking is very limited. Most residential blocks come with secure underground parking that are serviced by lifts that take you right to your floor. As well as proving very handy after a shopping trip, it also means you always know where it is. 



To finish up, remember that before you make any decision whether it be to rent or purchase a property, make sure you’re with a real estate agent that has great local knowledge and can help you through the process of buying or renting in Gibraltar.


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