While your ultimate goal may be to buy a property in Gibraltar, renting somewhere first could be a great first step as it allows you to see what an area or particular residential development is like before taking the plunge. Renting is also appropriate if you’re over in Gibraltar for a work contract or simply prefer not to tie yourself up financially. But whatever your reason for renting in Gibraltar, how can you ensure you find a rental that’s perfect for you in today’s competitive property market? Here are some tips to get you started.


Start looking online  

If you’re already living in Gibraltar or perhaps relocating from abroad, one of the most important things to do is start your research online. Start searching for apartments that suit your criteria, consider facilities you’d like included in the price, for example a gym, a pool or parking space as well as how far you may be from Main Street, schools and the office. 


Use a Real Estate Agent

While an online property search is a great place to start looking for your rental home, the human touch and in-depth local knowledge are the key to rental success - especially in Gibraltar! A professional and experienced real estate agency can really support you by sharing insights on key things like nearest schools, Gibraltar’s best districts and can even show you a ‘secret gem’ of a listing before it goes on the market! Do try and meet a few agents and choose a team that’s right for you.


Consider some compromises

While you may have started your search with a list of ‘must-haves’ the secret to finding a rental property is to be somewhat flexible. Consider what you’d consider leaving off the list as this often opens up many more possibilities. Also be wary of the upsell into a pricey apartment block and it’s attractive amenities. For example, access to a communal pool may sound great, but are you more of a beach person? Also, if you don’t go to the gym, is an onsite fitness suite really something you need? Think about these first and you’re on to a winner.


Meet the landlord and stay longer

As mentioned in point 2, the human touch is essential when searching for a rental property in Gibraltar. Before you sign a contract or even make an offer on a place, it is a good idea to meet the landlord in person, your real estate agent can arrange this if you ask them to. Meeting the landlord is a great way for him or her to see that you’d make reliable tenants and you can pitch yourself to them to earn their trust. If you know you’ll be staying in Gibraltar for longer, it is also an idea to follow up the meeting with an offer for a longer lease (six months to 12 months for example), this is always popular with landlords and real estate agents.


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