Whether you’re hoping to buy that forever home or you’re on the market for a buy-to-let in Gibraltar, chances are you’ll be investing in some home improvements in the coming months. Here is our guide to the interior design trends coming in 2020 to make sure your property is looking the best it can be - without breaking the bank!

Interior Design Trends 2020

Geometric Edgy

This trend is all about having fun with colours and it works particularly well in a family home as it is sophisticated but child-friendly due to its abstract, playful palette. This trend is about evoking a mood and expressing personality through the use of large prints, colour blocks and feature walls.

If you like this look, but you are hoping to let your property, avoid being overly bold with feature walls and wallpaper as this may not appeal to some renters. We suggest using soft furnishings like cushions, rugs and throws as this will add some spirit without breaking the bank and putting off potential letters. Check out Debenhams in Gibraltar for some inspiration.

Structured sophisticated

This timeless style takes inspiration from the popular Nordic trend, but blends it with South-Mediterranean touches through a warmer palette and rustic features. It can be seen throughout the rental properties in Phoenix Real Estate’s Grand Central House.

The trend is all about creating a comfortable space in which to rest and relax. Think about using calm, complementary colours that blend rather than clash. Sometimes referred to as the ‘new neutrals’, this style moves on from the pared-back grey we have been used to seeing in so many properties.

The neutrality of it means that it is versatile too. Use it in rental properties to add some glamour and for those of you looking for an evergreen colour scheme when you buy your home in Gibraltar, this could be the one.

Luxe Layers

This trend plays with textures to create a rich and relaxing feel in any home. It instantly lifts any bare-looking living spaces - which are all-too-common in rental properties - and transforms them into inviting and desirable places to be.  To achieve it, use cushions, knitted throws and comforting fabrics to add layers to sofas and beds.

The colours to use are warm browns, muted pinks and organic hues like cool greens and rich blues. This trend is easy to achieve here in Gibraltar as there are plenty of home furnishing shops from which to choose. It’s all about creating a welcome, homely vibe so it is perfect if your property has character or a lived-in look.

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