Education in Gibraltar generally follows the English system operating within a three tier system. Schools in Gibraltar follow the Key Stage system which teaches the National Curriculum.

Except for the Secondary and Independent schools, students from the age of four to the age of 11, will be allocated a slot in the school pertaining to the catchment area of the child’s registered address.

Enrolment takes place at the Department of Education and the school year normally launches 2nd September. In order to enrol your child in local school, you will be required to produce a proof of address, by way of utility bill, a copy of your and of the child’s passports.

For more information on schools or to find out more about districts and catchment areas, please get in touch and we will arrange a chat.

List of schools in Gibraltar:

Primary schools ages 4 - 8

Middle schools ages 8 - 12

Secondary schools ages 12 - 18

Special schools

  • St Martin's School

Independent schools