1 Pricing

Generally, a property is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it, so, how do we determine the best price possible, whilst still ensuring the property sells in a reasonable time?

We start off by conducting a simple calculation, based on the square meterage of your property. The terrace (external) area is always halved for valuation purposes, in the same way a bank valuer would conduct a valuation. You agent will ask for a copy of your floor plans in order to gage the area. If you do not know what your property measures, then your agent will arrange a visit to measure with a laser.

You’ll receive a formal appraisal from your agent showing a price bracket recommendation, which they have reached by applying the measurements to a realistic price per square meter, based on what similar properties in the area or in the development have sold for.

Your agent may recommend aiming for the higher figure un their appraisal, or just over this figure, in order to allow a little wiggle room. We find that most buyers will offer below asking price and so we factor this in the marketing price.

2 Provide an inventory

Are you planning on leaving all, most or no furniture? Whatever you have in mind, we recommend you advise us at the start, so that buyers are fully aware of what to expect and what is included in the price.

The inventory is negotiable, and you will be able to amend it if you feel it’s necessary.

3 Prepare for viewings

New properties tend to have the highest rate of viewings in the first two weeks of it being advertised and so, if your schedule is normally busy, we recommend that you entrust your agent with a key or leave keys somewhere accessible. Buyers tend to have a full-viewing schedule and might miss out on seeing your property, if the timings do not work out.

Your agent will always provide you with viewing feedback within 5 working days as per The Code Of Conduct, although when it is very good news or an offer is places, you’ll likely hear from them immediately.

Another recommendation of you choose to be present for viewings is to give the buyers space to walk around the apartment freely. Buyers need to see themselves living at this property and may want a little privacy. If they have questions, they will always approach you.


  1. 1. Tidy up all clutter around the house
  2. 2. Stage the apartment with fresh flowers
  3. 3. Keep larger pets busy or best to take them out for the viewing
  4. 4. Lighting candles offers a great ambiance
  5. 5. Add splashes of colour with new cushions or bathroom accessorize

4 Offer made

Your agent will inform you as soon as an offer is made by a client. You can choose to accept, make a counter offer, or to just decline. When a price agreed the buyer will be requested to place a refundable deposit with your agent. This deposit is known as a 2% reservation fee and is held in escrow on a refundable basis.

Your agent will then prepare a Memorandum of sale, which will feature all information and any target completion date that may have been agreed. This document will be sent to both lawyers who will begin the conveyance.

5 Completion!

On the day of completion, you will need to hand in all keys, fobs or clickers to your lawyer. Make sure that you also leave your lawyer with signed disconnection forms for water and electricity, so that the new owners can connect.

Pop in to visit your estate agent on the day of completion for your complimentary gift and thank them for their services by providing a testimonial!